Across the country, big business and the wealthy elite have launched an all-out attack on our right to form strong unions and advocate for better working conditions, safer workplaces, and the tools to do our jobs effectively.

Now they’ve brought their war on workers to Illinois. In the public sector, it’s Gov. Rauner’s order trying to wipe out “fair share” provisions of union contracts. In the private sector, it’s his push for local governments to establish so called “right-to-work” zones.

Barring Fair Share fees and passing “right-to-work” laws have the same intent – to weaken unions by allowing employees represented by a union to opt out of paying any dues or fees to contribute to the cost of that representation.

These measures are designed to weaken unions by draining them of resources so that they can’t effectively advocate to improve the lives of working families.

The wealthy elite who back these measures claim their schemes benefit workers, business, and our communities, but that is simply false. Research proves that such Right-to-Work for Less laws drive down wages, benefits, and the overall standard of living for workers and their families.

These changes are pushed by the same elite that is trying to slash benefits for injured or laid off workers, reduce overtime pay, weaken health and safey laws, and drive down wages and benefits. They know that when unions are strong, they not only raise wages of their members, but help to set a higher wage standard for all workers.

Right-to-Work and anti-Fair Share measures have only one goal– to weaken unions. In other words, they will only increase inequality in our country, where we’ve already seen the incomes of the wealthy soar while middle-class families are barely holding on.

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